We take the children that other schools turn away

St Vincents College is the last chance for many Fijian children. Caring for those who are most in need, the school is home to those who cannot afford to attend other schools or come from troubled families. Over its 115 year history the school has brought positive change to the lives of thousands of Fijian children. Today the school survives with the help of friends and family who support it both financially and resourcefully


How Your Contribution Helps

  • $150

    1 term boarding school

  • $1,000

    Books for 300 Kids

  • $20,000

    New Classroom

As the scale of the school grows so does the complexity of trying to do so much with so little

The school lacks majorly in funds to provide the bare necessities such as books and learning facilities. Most of the children attending St Vincent’s College boarding school cannot attend another school because their parents cannot afford to send them, while other children have come from difficult home and family situations where as boarders they are better off.

“Access to food for the children is scarce, and when available, extremely simple. A child’s general diet lacks the most basic nutrients and variety of food.“


Access to Food

A typical breakfast includes tea and two biscuits, and lunch only rice and Dahl (peas). Other vegetables are a rarity, and a dish as simple as chicken broth is prepared only on special occasions with just 15 chickens to prepare for 450 children. Without access to nutritious food, the children suffer physically, mentally and emotionally. 


Access to Clean Water

Thankfully the children have access to clean water in abundance, fresh and clean straight from the mountain source.