Witnessing the struggles and challenges of disadvantaged children in his birthplace of Fiji, Father Joe Tuimavule knows first-hand the challenges they and their families face. Meeting basic daily needs such as ample food and nutrition, sufficient shelter and access to education presents often insurmountable odds for many of the youth of Fiji’s poverty-stricken areas.


Under the umbrella of the Father Joe Foundation and through St. Vincent College, Father Joe, Michael Combs and their team provide a promising solution to provide 450 of these children with food, shelter and education. Father Joe is committed to giving the children hope and encouragement in reaching their full potential. 


In addition to regular educational courses, the children receive their religious instruction from Father Joe. He acts as both priest and counsellor to the students. He studied theology and became a priest, after having initially studied and worked at a bank. For the past two years he has been the parish priest of Saint Anthony’s Parish in Marsfield NSW. 

Established 115 years ago in the Marist tradition, St Vincent College caters to 450 students including boarders. The students are aged between 5 and 18 years old. Many of the students’ families live either on the outer islands or the interior highlands, and most struggle to pay the school fees, which total less than $500 per year. The school and children are in very great need for donations to provide for food, furniture, school supplies and facility maintenance. 

Please donate today to help the work of Father Joe and his team in bringing positive change for a better today and tomorrow for each of these disadvantaged children.


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